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Our Location

"PENNICUIC GARDEN" Theni-Kumuli National Highway, Muthuthevanpatty, veerapandi post Theni – 625531.


Computer Science Lab:

A well-equipped Computer lab with latest tech computers form an integral part of learning. Children visit the computer Science lab for their practical classes on a regular basis, execute projects, prepare quality display materials, etc. VBC-Theni assures the usage of computers in the modern era.

Mathematics Lab:

The theoretical class is ably supported by practical classes at the mathematics lab on a regular basis. The hardship of puzzling calculations is made easier through the resources available in the Mathematics lab.

Science Lab:

The integrated Science lab is yet another knowledge centre for the students. Periodical visits to the laboratory are done to conduct experiments and further research on the science-based topics.

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life is probably the main task any parent has.